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Product Details :

We are a leading supplier of MS Tubes in Lucknow. Mild Steel contains only a small percentage of carbon and is very strong. Mild steel is desirable for mechanical engineering and common purpose fabrication. Its strength makes it a terrific choice of material for the construction of cages, frames, fencing, and other applications where it will not be subjected to high stress. Mild steel Tubes is also known as low carbon steel tubes. From buildings to massive sea-going vessels, there is mild steel involved. Mild steel is graded according to its chemical composition, how it is produced, and its properties, so you can easily choose the best product for your project.

Mild Steel is mostly used in:-

  • Structural steel
  • Automobiles
  • Furniture
  • Decorations

We offer the best quality MS Tubes in Lucknow to suit your needs at affordable prices.

  • Round Tubes- (15mm-350mm)(NB)(ISI-Apollo)(0.8-10mm)
  • Square Hollow Tubes- (12*12mm-400*400mm)(ISI Apollo)(0.8-12mm)
  • Rectangular Hollow Tubes- (26*13mm-400*200mm)(ISI Apollo)(0.8-12mm)
  • Door Frame- (SDF/DDF)(ISI-APOLLO)
  • ISMB section (150-300mm)
  • ISMC section (75*40mm-150*75mm)
  • MS Angle (12mm-100mm)
  • MS Flat (12mm-150mm)
  • Round/Square Bar (6-50mm)
  • Staircase Designs (Pre-painted and powder coated pieces)
  • MS Sheets (8*4/6*3) (HR/CR)
  • CR Tubes (Round/Square Hollow)
  • We also provide Hollow section Bending facilities

Size Charts

MS Rectangular Hallows

MS Square Hallows